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A Day at the Spaall 4 paws spa

Your pet’s day at the spa includes our multi-step process:

  1. Complete evaluation of your pet’s condition and recommendations
  2. Brushing and combing of your pet using specially designed brushes for individual needs
  3. Clipping and filing nails (if your pet will allow this) with our special tools
  4. Checking and cleaning ears – hair is clipped and not plucked or pulled out unless necessary
  5. Washing with Hydro-Surge® massage bath with Best Shots®, a natural non-detergent based shampoo
  6. Hand-drying with a quiet, warm, fluff dryer and a combination of brushing and combing to ensure a completely matte free finish
  7. Unique styling for your pet that includes scissoring, sculpting, clipping and blending
  8. Other finishing touches are available upon request

About Bathingall 4 paws

Every Pet is bathed with the Hydro-Surge® Bathing System.  Hydro-Surge® provides your pet with an invigorating massage and a thorough cleaning process.  Hydro-Surge®   also enhances the effectiveness of coat and skin treatments.

We use Best Shots®, as our shampoo.

This product is all natural with a non-detergent base and a patented ingredient called Coat Release. This aids in lifting and removing unwanted undercoat and matted hair with ease and less irritation to your pet’s skin. Other shampoos can be provided at your request.

About Clipping

All 4 Paws uses “The Clipper Vac System®” – the world’s quietest grooming equipment. This system gently lifts your pets coat while clipping, making it more even with one stroke. It sucks up and removes dust, dirt, dander, hair clippings and fleas. It keeps the clipper blade cool, cleans and sanitizes without using chemicals providing a virtually hair free salon.

Special Needs Pets

Some pets may have separation anxiety, aggression, auto-immune disorders, age related issues, or have been traumatized by life experiences.
All 4 Paws Mobile Grooming is the best fit for special needs pets because we provide special one-on-one care. Pets are calmer, happier, and less stressed!
Throughout my many years of grooming pets, I have experienced all types of pet personalities. I have the equipment and training to safely groom all types of pets and to advise you on the best possible approach.
In extreme cases, we offer the owner the option of staying with their pet at the groomer’s discretion, to train your pet for a better life experience so the owner won’t always have to be present during grooming.

Special Needs Pets – Safety First

I use the latest safety harness equipment while grooming to prevent injuries. It helps prevent fatigue in elderly and injured dogs and calms the more stressed ones.

New Basic Price

All-inclusive flat hourly rate, including taxes

Call for an estimate

Although some exceptions may apply based on individual cases.

Reminder: It is my policy to invoice for missed appointments and last-minute cancellations. So please give a minimum of 72 hr. cancellation notice.

We cater to small dogs under 18 kilos and under 20" at the shoulder

Added Mobile Grooming Pleasures

All 4 Paws Mobile Service is ideal for pets and people too. Such as the elderly, disabled, busy business worker and those who just cannot get out of their homes.

Once we are acquainted with you and your pet after several regular visits, we can offer the added service of coming to your home while you are away running errands or at work. That way your pet never needs to skip a beat in his healthy grooming routine and you have the peace-of-mind of not having to rush to get your pet groomed. He will be done when you get home!